New Water Development Services (S.P.I.D.E.R & BPEC)


From Monday 6th July 2015, all 25mm connections to properties and businesses having a new water supply installed for the first time MUST be installed by a service pipe installation developer services electronic register (S.P.I.D.E.R/BPEC) registered installer.

When you make a application for this kind of connection you will be issued with a CAD drawing which contains vital information, which materials need to be used and ground conditions of the site you are working on.

What are the requirements for this installation  ?


With a new development installation a new WRAS approved external metered stop tap box will be located close to where the pipe enters the property as opposed to the traditional way where the external tap is in the footpath, the requirements are also for enough pipe at the boundary to be coiled up to reach the mains water supply in the footpath/road.


When the pipe enters the property you will need to have a concentric metered stop tap fitted for ease of fitting a internal water meter in the future should one be required.

Contaminated ground:

Your CAD drawing will highlight if the ground you are laying your new supply on is contaminated and if so you will need to notify us because standard plastic water supply pipes and external stop taps can be compromised if the ground conditions at your site/development have been identified as contaminated, in this case we must ensure that specialist pipe material and fittings are used so that the water supply remains satisfactory.

As WMD are SPIDER/BPEC registered contractors we can take care of the installation for you to full regulations and issue a certificate of completion.

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