Water Supply Pipe Installations

If your property is in need of a new water supply pipe installation due to poor pressure, old lead, copper, steel pipes, continued leaks or you just want to upgrade your supply as you are laying a new driveway, building a extension or other home improvements then our expertly trained WIAPS approved engineers can take care of this for you via our moling services which create minimal disruption to your property and most installations are completed in just one day.

In the modern age, older supply pipes are struggling to provide enough water flow into our homes to keep combi boilers and power showers running efficiently, this could be due to the smaller bore of lead, copper or cast iron pipes not allowing enough water flow to cope with demand.

By upgrading your water supply pipe you can be sure you will be receiving the best flow you can expect from the main water main in the street.

We can install the standard 25mm pipe into your property which comes with a free external connection under the lead replacement scheme, or for even more flow a 32mm pipe can be installed (this usually comes with a connection charge from the water authority, but we can enquire on your behalf before committing to the installation)

We aim to make all connections on the same day of the installation but if this is not possible then we will arrange for your local water authority to make the external connection on the footpath in the street and then we will return to flush through your new supply and make all new internal connections.

Our engineers will liaise and keep you up to speed throughout the installation process, eliminating any fear of hidden costs.

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Is it a messy job?

We pride ourselves on creating the minimum disruption to our customers and their property when carrying out a installation or repair. All soil excavated is put into buckets or we put sheeting down to keep your garden/driveway as clean as possible and we also wash down the work area when we finish.