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Drain Unblocking Chorlton

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Drain Unblocking Chorlton

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At Watermains & Drains UK, we specialise in providing comprehensive drain unblocking services for both residential and commercial properties in Chorlton. Our dedicated team of engineers are equipped with all the tools required to tackle even the toughest blockages.

Whether it’s overflowing manholes, a backed-up toilet, or a blocked sewer line, our drain unblocking Chorlton services will keep your property flowing.

Indications of a blocked drain

  • Overflowing gullies or manholes
  • Discoloured water sitting in the garden
  • Unpleasant smells, indicating trapped and rotting waste
  • High rising toilets and sinks, which may overflow
  • Bath or shower gurgling and not flowing away properly

Free Looksee Drain Inspection

WMD conducts a complimentary looksee CCTV drain inspection following each drain unblocking in Chorlton to identify the reason for of the blockage and provides customers with a no-obligation quote for any necessary repairs.

Should any issues be identified, WMD are equipped to carry out a wide array of repairs, including high pressure root cutting, excavated repairs and drain lining.

Transparent Costs

WMD is committed to complete transparency with our customers. Should the blockage persist or if we discover more serious issues within the system, we will discuss the findings and any associated costs before proceeding with any additional work.

Don’t flush money down the drain, let WMD take care of the pain.

Unblock your drains in Chorlton today
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Shared Drains ?

Should you suspect that the blocked drain is located within a shared section of pipework, it may fall under the responsibility of United Utilities, who may then address and resolve the blockage.

United Utilities can be contacted on the below link:

UU Contact Form

Tel:  0345 672 3723

Share sewers and drains explained