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Common Supply Pipes (shared supplies)

Common Supply Pipes (Shared Supplies) Installation across Manchester & Cheshire.


Older properties usually terraced or semi detached were built with a common supply pipe feeding the water into them, this type of supply has one stop tap with a main pipe running off it, usually through the gardens of everyone feeding off it, then a branch pipe that feeds into each individual property and are generally made from lead, steal or cooper..

The downsides to a shared supply

This kind of supply can leave properties with poor pressure due to the demand placed on the common supply pipe by everyone drawing water off it due to the increased demands of todays internal appliances, other issues are that if theres a leak on the common supply, even if the leak is a few houses from yours then its down to everyone who shares off the main pipe to maintain and contribute towards the repairs of it.

How can i come off the common supply?

The best way is to have a new separate supply pipe installed into your property, this way you will benefit from maximum water flow from the mains in the road to your new internal stop tap.

How do i go about having a new water supply pipe installed by WMD?

We will require a few property details, including distance from the internal stop tap to the property boundary, surface finishes and any obvious obstacles we may face such as trees, manholes etc so we can generate a quotation for the proposed installation.

After you are happy with the quote, we will arrange a convenient date for WMD’s water industry approved engineers to carry out the new installation, we will just need your lead and common supply pipe acceptance number so we can submit all relevant paperwork to your local water authority on your behalf.

If you’ve still not made an application at this point then WMD can take care of the application on your behalf, all we would need is your name, address and water utility account number.


There’s 3 steps to taking your property off the common supply:

Once your property has been accepted onto the lead and common supply pipe scheme and you are happy with the quote provided, then we can book a date for WMD’s engineers to install your new water supply pipe.

After your new water supply pipe installation is complete, we will submit a certificate and all relevant paperwork on your behalf to instruct your local water authority that your property is ready for a new external connection.

Now that your new separate supply is connected and ready to go, you will require a return visit to carry out a trace & disconnection, this will involve connecting your new water supply pipe internally and also disconnect your property from the old shared common supply pipe.

Why do I need a trace & disconnection?

If your old water main is not disconnected correctly and there was to be a burst on the section of pipe that fed your property in the future then you could be held responsible to pay for and repair the problem As a health issue, water will also sit inside the old branch pipe, potentially becoming stagnant over time, which could contaminate your neighbours drinking water.

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