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Drain Lining Manchester

Drain Lining Services across Manchester, Stockport, Warrington & Cheshire.


WMD provides drain lining and patch lining services to customers in Manchester, Stockport, Warrington, and Cheshire, catering to those with damaged or defective underground pipes that can cause blockages or allow water to escape, impacting the surrounding soil which can cause damp or subsidence issues to your property.

A CCTV drain survey is typically conducted to determine the underlying cause of a customer’s persistent issues and to assess the extent of damage within the drains. Once it is confirmed that the drains can be lined or patch lined, a plan of action will be put together to address the issues swiftly.

Drain lining offers a trenchless solution to resolve drainage problems, avoiding the costly and disruptive excavations typically required for repairing drainage systems, saving both time and inconvenience for property or business owners.

Our engineers, with extensive experience in drain lining and patch lining, are well-prepared to ensure your drains remain clear and .

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