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Welcome to Watermains & Drains UK where our aim is to provide water supply pipe solutions to customers throughout Cheshire, whether it’s a full new water supply installation, lead pipe replacement or leak repair, our WIAPS approved engineers can provide the best solution whilst creating minimal disruption to your property.

Water Main Installations in Cheshire

If you require water mains installation, leak detection, lead pipe replacement, moling & directional drilling, call Watermains & Drains UK today.

Watermains & Drains UK provides quality water mains services for homes and businesses across Cheshire.

Water main installations and main diversions from Watermains & Drains UK: Your WIAPS approved, Watersafe accredited contractors.

We can install or divert your domestic and industrial water mains.

Our water main installations take place all around the county of Cheshire – we install pipework from 63mm+ to businesses, apartment blocks and many more commercial properties.

In addition to installations and mains diversions, Watermains & Drains UK also install mains valves and fire hydrants around any site that requires additional shut off points or to create more access to water sources in case of emergencies.

Watermains & Drains UK will attend, asses and provide the most cost effective solution for your new water main installation, we can liaise with your local water authority where required to ensure all relevant paperwork is completed as required.

Lead Pipe Replacement Cheshire

Experts at Watermains & Drains can carry out lead pipe replacement at your property in Chesire.

Watermains & Drains UK can take care of the whole process from application to completion, with most lead pipe replacement installations completed in just one day using our trenchless technology (moling), causing minimal disruption to your property.

Lead pipe replacement throughout the UK has become more common. So, if your property was built pre 1970’s then there’s a very good chance the incoming water supply pipe is made from lead.

Watermains & Drains UK offer a free site survey and provide a free no obligation lead pipe replacement quote to replace any lead pipes.

Contact our team for a cost-effective lead replacement quote.

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We can provide a quick same day quote or arrange a free site survey

A Range Of Water Mains Services For What You Need

Moling Cheshire

Let us guide you through our environmentally friendly moling service…

Moling is used by domestic and commercial customers looking to install pipework and ducting’s in any sizes between 25-110mm. Moling is a perfect alternative for installations under lawns, hedges, driveways, roads and is up to 4 times faster than traditional methods meaning we can complete many projects in just one day.

A mole is a soil displacement hammer which is safely controlled by an engineer that launches it from a small excavation point allowing the mole to punch its way through the ground to the next excavation point which is approx. 10-20m away, once travelling through the ground the soil is compacted outwards to create a smooth bore hole which allows new pipework and ducting’s to be installed quickly.

Start your moling project by contacting Watermains & Drains UK today.

Directional Drilling Cheshire

Directional drilling can take care of your pipework and ducting installation’s where excavating is permitted or trenchless moling isn’t possible.

Watermains & Drains UK will determine what the best method of installation would be for your project, whilst also offering full turnkey solutions which include any permissions required, utility mapping and ground penetrating radar scanning.

We can install services under roads, railway, watercourses, runways and taxiways, existing structures and environmentally sensitive areas.

Start your directional drilling project now!

Leak Detection Cheshire

Ignoring a leaking water main could cause serious problems to your property such as damp or subsidence, we would advise that any known leaks are investigated and fixed as a matter if priority.

Watermains & Drains UK have highly trained leak detection engineers to respond to such leak emergencies, dedicated to the repair of your damaged water mains supply.

A one off leak repair may be a cheaper option short term, but if your pipe is in really poor condition, it may work out cheaper long term to consider a full water supply pipe replacement.

If your old water supply has a leak then it is usually telling you it has served it’s time and will more than likely cause you even more problems in the future.

Water Mains Installation

Lead Pipe Replacement

Leak Detection

Directional Drilling