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At Watermains & Drains UK, we are proud to offer our water industry approved lead pipe replacement services for homes and businesses across Stockport. We aim to undertake every installation with minimal disruption to the property. All installations are carried out via trenchless moling meaning you don’t need to dig up the whole garden or driveway to install a new water supply pipe.

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Leak Detection Stockport

If your old water supply has a leak then it is usually telling you it has served it’s time and will more than likely cause you even more problems in the future.

A one off leak repair may be a cheaper option short term, but if your pipe is in really poor condition, it may work out cheaper long term to consider a full water supply pipe replacement.

Older properties water supplies are commonly fed through lead, copper or steel pipes and are more susceptible to bursting which could require immediate attention before the problem escalates and disturbs the ground above it or even worse, damages your property.

Watermains & Drains UK have highly trained leak detection engineers on hand to respond to such emergencies, dedicated to the repair of your damaged water supply.

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Lead Pipe Replacement Stockport

Lead can accumulate in the body which can be very harmful. Children up to 6 years of age and pregnant woman are the most susceptible to any adverse health effects from the accumulation of lead and it has been considered for many years that lead has the potential to affect physical and mental development in children.

Lead pipe replacement throughout the UK has become more and more common as people look to improve their incoming water main for a cleaner more efficient MDPE supply.

Are you looking to upgrade your old lead water supply pipe due to poor water pressure, multiple leaks or as part of your property renovations? Watermains & Drains UK can take care of the whole process from application to completion, with most installations completed in just one day.

Directional Drilling Stockport

Start your directional drilling project now.

Watermains & Drains UK’s directional drilling team can take care of your pipework and ducting installation’s where excavating is permitted or moling isn’t possible.

We install services under roads, railway, watercourses, runways and taxiways, existing structures and environmentally sensitive areas.

As part of the pre-planning we will survey and assess what the best method of installation would be for your project whilst also offering full turnkey solutions which include any permissions required, utility mapping and ground penetrating radar scanning so your project can be carried out in the safest manner.

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