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Lead Pipe Replacement Warrington

Water Mains Issues In Warrington?

WMD’s lead pipe replacement Warrington service will help eliminate your properties old lead pipework for a new MDPE water supply pipe, which could also improve water flow around your property allowing boilers and showers to run more smoothly without a loss of water flow.

We install water supplies via trenchless moling, meaning not only will you receive cleaner, healthier drinking water but it will also be done with minimal disruption to your garden and driveway.

Our experienced and dedicated WIAPS approved engineers will explain the full installation process as the works are being carried out so you have full peace of mind that the works are being carried out to water industry standards.

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Lead Pipe Replacement Warrington

Are you looking to upgrade your old lead water supply pipe due to poor water pressure, multiple leaks or as part of your property renovations?

Lead can accumulate in the body which can be harmful to humans. Therefore, many people buying older houses usually look to eliminate any risks posed from lead water supply pipes.

We can take care of the whole process from application to completion, with most installations completed in just one day using our trenchless technology (moling), causing minimal disruption to your property.

Watermains & Drains UK offer a free site survey and provide a free no obligation quote for lead pipe replacement across Warrington, with minimal disruption to your property, with most installations completed in just one day by our fully qualified WIAPS approved engineers.

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Leak Detection Warrington

Leaking water main? Watermains & Drains UK will find & fix your underground bursts with minimal disruption to your life.

Turning a blind eye to a leaking water main could cause serious problems to your property such as damp or subsidence, we would advise that any known leaks are investigated and fixed as a matter if urgency.

A one off leak repair may be a cheaper option short term, but if your pipe is in really poor condition, it may work out cheaper long term to consider a full water supply pipe replacement.

Watermains & Drains UK have highly trained leak detection engineers on hand to respond to such emergencies, dedicated to the repair of your damaged water supply.

Moling Warrington

Start your moling project! Let us guide you through our environmentally friendly moling service.

Whatever the problem, you can guarantee that Watermains & Drains UK will work quickly to resolve any problems.

Watermains & Drains trenchless moling services are used by domestic and commercial customers looking to install pipework and ducting.

The benefits of moling – environmentally friendly service, small launch & receive pits required, with minimal disruption to the surface meaning less road closures.

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