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Lead Pipe Replacement

Lead Pipe Replacement across Manchester & Cheshire


Are you looking to upgrade your old lead water supply pipe due to poor water pressure, multiple leaks or as part of your property renovations ? WMD can take care of the whole process from application to completion, with most installations completed in just one day using our trenchless technology (moling), causing minimal disruption to your property.

Lead pipe replacement throughout the UK has become more and more common as people look to improve their incoming water main for a cleaner more efficient MDPE supply. If your property was built pre 1970’s then there’s a very good chance the incoming water supply pipe is made from lead. Watermains & Drains UK offer a free site survey and provide a free no obligation quote to replace lead pipes with minimal disruption to your property, with most installations completed in just one day by our fully qualified WIAPS approved engineers.

The installation process


When carrying out your lead pipe replacement our excavations will be kept to 1.5ft x 2ft, our moling excavations are smaller than our nearest competitors as we use smaller “smart moles” meaning even less disruption to your property.

Trenchless Moling:

Water main installations via trenchless moling saves time, money and is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional trenching methods.


WMD install new MDPE pipework from 25mm+ depending on the size of your property, we install supplies to residential and commercial properties daily so you can be rest assured there is nothing we have never seen before.

Peace of Mind:

All work is carried out to full water regulations 1999 by our experienced WIAPS approved plumbers. At the end of each installation you will receive a certificate of completion. If you have any issues with your new installation then all it takes is one phone call and we will have it resolved, it really is that simple !

Lead Replacement Scheme

The lead replacement scheme was introduced to help eliminate lead content in your drinking water due to it being a potentially hazardous material, it is important to eliminate the risks from your water supply at home. The vast majority of property owners have already removed any internal lead pipework but the external supply generally gets forgotten about.

If you would like to replace your external lead water main then WMD can install a new MDPE water supply pipe from your internal stop tap to your garden boundary, your local water authority will then replace the lead communication pipe from the main in the road up to your boundary, usually free of charge.

Local Water Authorities

United Utilities – 0345 072 6067 – Learn more
Yorkshire Water – 0345 1 24 24 24 – Learn more
Severn Trent – 0800 707 6600 – Learn more
South Staffs Water – 0845 345 1399 – Learn more
Anglian Water – 0345 60 66 087 – Learn more

Reasons to replace your lead water supply pipe:

  • Low water pressure
  • Continuous bursts
  • Furred up lead pipework
  • If your property was built pre-1970
  • Home renovation works
  • New driveway being laid
  • Unvented cylinder installation
  • Increased flow for a more efficient combi-boiler
  • Replace potentially harmful lead pipes
  • Cleaner, healthier drinking water for you and your family

The risks of lead pipes

Lead can accumulate in the body which can be very harmful. Children up to 6 years of age and pregnant woman are the most susceptible to any adverse health effects from the accumulation of lead and it has been considered for many years that lead has the potential to affect physical and mental development in children. For this reason many people purchasing older properties and wanting to start a family usually look to eliminate any risks posed from lead water supply pipes so they have cleaner, healthier drinking water feeding their property.

For more in depth information on the dangers of lead in drinking water please visit

Trenchless installations
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