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Drain Unblocking in Manchester

Drain Unblocking in Manchester

WMD offer emergency drain unblocking and high pressure drain jetting services to customers in Manchester, Stockport, Warrington and Cheshire who are suffering from problematic blocked drains that require professional attention without delay.

What may start as an unsavoury smell can quickly turn into drains overflowing around your property and disrupt your day to day life with simple things such as taking a bath and cleaning clothes, our engineers will act quickly to minimise the disruption the drains are causing and have your property back up to full flowing health as soon as possible.

Once a blockage is cleared we would usually advise on a CCTV camera survey to identify the problem so steps can be put in place to avoid the drain from blocking again, this is an advisory and is optional should you require us to investigate the issue further.

Indications of a blocked drain

  • Discoloured water sitting in the garden
  • Unpleasant smells, indicating trapped and rotting waste
  • High rising toilets and sinks, which may overflow
  • Bath or shower gurgling and not flowing away properly
Unblocking Manchester Drains Every Day
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