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Recent Projects

Lead Pipe Replacement - Shrewsbury

Mr & Mrs Leggett from Shrewsbury came to us with a problem that crops up often in that they had a newly laid driveway 4 months earlier but later discovered they had a leak in the middle of it which they didn’t want disturbing due to the fear of the cars creating a dip where we would have needed to excavate.

After explaining their options they decided the best long term solution & for peace of mind from future leaks would be to replace the whole supply from the boundary of their property up to the internal stop tap, plus by moling we only had to lift a small section of blocks at the side of the driveway where the cars don’t drive which eliminated the fear of sinkage.

On completion the customers were very happy with the outcome and also noticed a increase in pressure due to the larger 25mm bore of the new pipe in comparison to the old lead supply, which was an added bonus for them.

Trenchless Moling - Crewe

A customer from Crewe contacted us. with a leak on his water supply pipe under his property which was being handled by his insurance company, after getting three quotes, he chose WMD as the contractor to undertake the works as we found the best solution to the problem without compromising any of the internal decoration whilst causing minimal disruption to the external surfaces which was a relief to him and his wife as the kitchen had not long been installed.

The works to be carried out was to install 20 meters of new 25mm MDPE water supply pipe via trenchless moling from the external stop tap to the garage where we would fit and relocate the new internal stop tap to.

The customer commented “we have stressed for weeks over the leak and thought the whole house would need to be ripped up for it to be fixed, you would never know they have been, excellent job”

Below are some before, during and after photos of the supply being installed.