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Water Supply Pipe Installation

Water Supply Pipe Installation across Manchester & Cheshire


Replacing incoming water supply pipes has become more and more common as people look to improve their water main for a cleaner more efficient MDPE supply, old water supplies are made of lead, steal, and copper and either have a small internal bore or become furred up over time, restricting the flow to your property, the standard size of a new installation is 25mm or 32mm, both will allow enough flow and help with the demands of todays appliances such as combi-boilers, power showers etc, although for unvented cylinders we would recommend a 32mm supply to maximise the water flow that the cylinder demands to run efficiently.

Are you looking to lay a new driveway?

Wmd work not only on behalf of private customers but also insurance companies who instruct us to undertake repairs to burst water mains around the UK and almost weekly we have to excavate through driveways that are less than one year old due to the old water supply pipe still being in place, we would strongly advise that you replace your old supply before making a similar mistake and investing a lot of money on a driveway, only to have it dug up shortly after it’s been laid.

Reasons to replace your old water supply pipe:

  • Low water pressure
  • Continuous bursts
  • Furred up lead, copper or cast iron pipes
  • If your property was built pre-1970
  • Home renovation works
  • New driveway being laid
  • Unvented cylinder installation
  • Increased flow for a more efficient combi-boiler
  • Replace potentially harmful lead pipes
Replace your old water supply pipe
Let us guide you through replacing your water supply pipes for new ones.